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Wedding Finger Food
Spit Roast Catering
Terms and Conditions
and Cancellation Policy
Gourmet Finger Food Packages
Fresh fruit platters, cold/hot finger foods, Gourmet Chef and Waitress

Starter Gourmet Selection
$19.95/head + GST
( Minimum 30 people )

  • Choice of 6 from items listed below (recommended for 60-90 min serving time)
  • Approximately 6-8 pieces per person
  • Choice of hot or cold or combination of both
  • Ideal for Office Drinks product launches, store opening, boardroom meetings

DeLuxe Gourmet Selection
$ 24.95/head + GST
( Minimum 30 people )

  • Choice of 9 from items listed below (recommended for 90-120 min serving time)
  • Approximately 9-12 pieces per person
  • Choice of hot or cold or combination of both
  • Ideal for birthdays, engagements, christening, graduation, reunion, anniversaries

Grand Gourmet Selection
$29.95 /head + GST
( Minimum 30 people )

  • Choice of 12 from items listed below (recommended for 2 1/2 hours serving time)
  • Approximately 12-15 pieces per person
  • Choice of hot or cold or combination of both
  • Ideal for weddings, formal or informal


  • Fresh fruit platters or fruit on skewers are added to all menus complimentary.
  • All cold finger foods are freshly prepared on the day and some will require setting up at the venue.
  • Gourmet Chef ($150.00) and Waitress ($110.00) for 5 hours (includes travel )
  • (Overtime $20 per hour) Needed for a combination of hot and cold selection.
  • Hot finger foods will be heated on site and oven will be provided by the client.
  • Chef and 1 waitress required for 30-40 people.

Note: One serving staff added for every 30 people increase in the number of guests.

  • If there's no heating facility, a mobile oven can be hired for $120.00
  • Preparation area and working table must be provided by the client.

  • Little Caesars salad (v)
  • Smoked salmon and caper pizza
  • Smoked trout mousse in cucumber cups
  • Bocconcini, olive and cherry tomato skewers with pesto (v)
  • Mini prawn cocktails
  • Buckwheat blinis with smoked chicken and pesto mayo
  • Vietnamese rice paper roll
  • Smoked chicken and olive tartlets
  • Tiger prawns with mayo and plum sauce
  • Creamed cheese with smoked salmon vol au vents
  • Mozzarella and tomato skewers
  • Peking duck pancake
  • Caramelized onion and goat cheese tarts
  • Barbecued duck and ginger tartlets Market Fresh Oysters Served naturally with lemon and salt to garnish
    Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll . Including chicken, prawn, vegetarian
    Frittata sliced a creamy potato frittata served cold in finger food portions
    Atlantic smoked salmon & camenbert savory boats
    Warm Bruschetta a classic cocktail food
    Cocktail Croissants with Ham Off the Bone & Jarlsberg cheese
    Open Gourmet Sandwiches Trio of flavours
    Cold Cocktail Prawns served with dipping sauces and lemon wedges
    Antipasto Platters your typical Crowd pleaser
    Sushi Platters Fresh nori hand rolls Salmon, Tuna, Prawn, Vegetables

  • Curry Chick Pea & Roasted Sweet Potato Bites
  • Aromatic Spiced Beef & Lentils
  • Tandoori Lamb Nibbles
  • Cantonese Chicken in Filo Pastry
  • Sicilian Pizza Pinwheels
  • Chicken Tomato & Olive Tapenade
  • Chicken on skewers with satay sauce
  • Grilled beef and chicken meatballs with pineapple pieces
  • Spicy chicken winglets
  • Steamed pork/prawn dumplings with light soy sauce
  • Chicken mornay vol au vents
  • Thai crab cakes with sweet chili sauce
  • Salt and pepper king prawns with coriander and chili pesto
  • Lemongrass chicken with tangy ranch dipper
  • Fish and chips in a cup with lemon and tartare sauce
  • King prawn pizzeta with mozzarella cheese and pesto mayo
  • King prawns in crispy wonton sticks
  • Chicken breast with roast sesame seeds & chili lime mayo
  • Sweet chilli roast vegetables coated on a stick
  • Grilled and Glazed Prawn Skewers
  • Marinated Beef Satay / Lamb Kebabs
  • Duck and Plum Dumplings with sweet chilli
  • Duck with native plum, wombok ginger and coriander
  • Cocktail chicken kebabs with mixed sauces
  • Marinated lamb cutlets with a Tzatziki Dip
  • Galaxy Gourmet Tartlets A Trio of tartlets
  • Marinated Barramundi sticks
  • Assorted Vol Au Vents Trio of Three delicious flavours
  • Grilled Baby Beef Sirloin Served on a skewer, with a bernaise sauce
  • Salt and Chilli Squid Crispy squid pieces with salt and chilli batter
  • Fish and Chips platters whiting fillets and beer battered chips with lemon
    wedges, served on silver platters with napkins for easy handling.


Special Extras
(add that Wow Factor ” to your Party )
Add $3.50/head per item
(minimum 30 guests)

  • Mini Noodle Boxes
  • Smoked chicken with peach mayo in filo tartlet
  • Foie gras pate in filo cups
  • Bloody mary oyster shots
  • Oyster Osaka
  • Oyster with pesto butter
  • Grilled salmon on lemon grass skewers with sour cream sauce
  • Scallop St. Jacques style individually served in porcelain spoon
  • Witlof with smoked chicken and avocado
  • Caramelized garlic and blue cheese tartlets
  • Mini zucchini frittatas
  • Smoked salmon with crème fraiche crepes