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Wedding Finger Food
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4 Popular Party Boxes
The works

15 items - $19.95 per guest
Minimum 30 guests $598.50
Just add $19.95 per guest for extra guests

Add 10% GST

  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Tasty beef pies
  • Flaky sausage rolls
  • Chicken dim sims
  • Pizza ham and pineapple/supreme
  • Grilled meatballs
  • Mini chicken drums
  • Fish cocktails
  • Filo hot dogs
  • Mixed volavants 3 types
  • Thai/crab cake
  • Marinated pork fingers
  • Cheese and spinach triangle
  • Tempura chicken pieces
  • Cocktail samosas

15 items of finger food per guest

The most popular finger food party in Sydney or Melbourne! And why wouldn't it be, just have look at the variety it's the ideal cocktail party for that special occasions, it's the party your friends will be talking about for months.

If you love finger food we got it many savvy brides save a fortune and use this for their. Wedding and get to mix and mingle with the guests or use it for the cocktail engagement party when you have feed a hungry crowd some great finger food this is the cocktail party to choose

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5 items - $8.95 per guest
Minimum 40 guests - $358.00

8 items - $12.95 per guest
Minimum 40 guests - $518.00

10 items - $16.95 per guest
Minimum 30 guests - $508.50

15 items - $19.95 per guest
Minimum 30 guests $598.50